The sex trade industry in France has gone through different periods of repression and tolerance. Brothels were tolerated for a long time, and local independent escorts in Paris had the freedom to find clients and make money. This was followed by a period when prostitution was legal excluding brothel operation, pimping or engaging in the sex trade with anyone below 18 years even though the age of sexual consent is 15.

However, the latest law states that anyone caught buying sex will be fined regardless of a woman’s age. It has caused controversy because it’s the clients who will be fined for seeking sexual services from escorts. First-time offenders will be fined €1,500 and repeat offenders as high as €3,750.

Paris is an international city, and therefore, girls of different colors and cultural backgrounds such as Asians, Latin, Africa, and many others are available. So, you have a variety to choose from when looking for a call girl here.

Where to Find Local Escort Girls

Finding escorts is made easy by the two main Red Light spots. Pigalle is one of them and the best when looking for classy and high-end companions. But for cheaper escort services, Bois De Bologne has the best offer.

Most people visiting Pairs look for call girls in Pigalle, which is called Montmartre. Here there are many shops offering sex. This area is well known; it was nicknamed “Pig Alley” during World War II. It is also known for nude shows and street prostitutes at night. But, tourists have to be careful as some of the strip clubs are not highly reputable.

Another area to find escort services in Paris is the Bois de Boulogne. The girls here wait on the big public park’s western edge, 16th arrondissement close to Neuilly-sur-Seine and Boulogne-Billancourt. Here, girls are available day and night; though, at night, the majority of sex workers present are transsexuals. Some girls come equipped with a mattress and a van where they serve clients. However, you can ask a girl to offer her services in your car or some dirt mattresses laid down close to the road.

Girls in Bois de Boulogne offer low-cost sex, and a client can get a blow job for as low as 40 Euros and 60 Euros for penetrative sex. On the lower side, this area is not the safest place to look for prostitutes; clients can get mugged or robbed. You also likely to experince problems finding the kind of a girl you want since girls and transgender look similar.

Neighbourhoods such as Barbes and Chateau receive new girls looking for work in the prostitution industry in France. Most of them can speak English and come from Sierra Leone, Ghana, and Nigeria. They are taken in by old former prostitutes referred as mamas, and they manage them by providing rooms and a pleasant working environment, but they take a significant share of their income.

Street Hookers

Paris street hookers have their everyday look that makes it easy to identify them. Most of the time, they sit on benches wearing furred coats and knee-length boots combined with mini-skirts. They either sit chatting or smoking quietly looking forward to any car that stops or a truck driver that honks. Besides, anyone going for shopping or exercising only needs to sigh and they will be ready to offer their services.On the northern part of Saint-Denis Arch, escort girls wait for clients at night along Boulevard Strasbourg. Most of the street hookers are older women of Asian and African origin. However, sometimes you might see some beautiful girls from Russia, Ukraine or Romania, though it’s rare.

Rue St-Dennis is the famous area for street prostitutes in the south Saint-Denis Arch. Black girls are on the Rue St-Dennis and white ones including French and Europeans on Rue Blondel. Some of the white whores are middle aged, but still stunning. They own apartments and offer pleasure according to how much you are willing to pay. For ordinary sex, they charge between 60 and 100 Euros. You must negotiate and understand what you will get for the amount you pay; some will not even allow you to remove their bra or request to change sex position if you are not paying much.

Some black and Asian girls are working in Paris illegally; so they do not have apartments, and the best they can offer is sex in a car or on a staircase in an empty apartment. Apart from Saint-Denis, there are other streets to find escort girls. This includes the northwest area in Champs Elysees, which is a spot for middle-aged escort girls.

Erotic Massage Services in Paris

Massage salons place adverts in magazines and online directories like ours. The descriptions are straightforward and offer you an excellent chance to pick an escort or get sex services.

Massage parlors are the most common way of running brothels in disguise. Most of them are Chinese, though some have Thai girls. Charges are between € 40 and €60 for a massage session, for a blow job you have to pay from €20 up to € 50 and full sexual entertainment is between €50 and €100. However, there some massage parlors are known as naturists, and they hardly offer any escort services. So, avoid them if you are looking for sex.

Paris is a beautiful city with nightclubs in almost every corner. But, Rue Saint-Denis, Bois de Boulogne, and Pigalle remain the main areas to find escorts and prostitutes offering sexual entertainment. When visiting high-end prostitute areas, be careful because they tend to take advantage of new clients.